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Mobile Application Management (MAM) Security Checklist and Whitepaper

As a followup to the research GDS performed in 2014 on Mobile Application Management (MAM) solutions for protecting organization data in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) deployments, we are finally releasing our security checklist and whitepaper. The presentation delivered at Blackhat USA 2014 is available for download here.

The MAM security checklist is intended to be used as a baseline for assessing, designing, and testing the security of a MAM solution and is thus aptly suited to assist three major stakeholders in the BYOD space: buyers, builders, and breakers. This list was constructed from our experience and research assessing a variety of MAM solutions in the marketplace today. This should not be considered an exhaustive list, but rather a compilation of major test cases that can be used to determine the security posture of a MAM solution. As always, contributions/recommendations from the community are welcome in an effort to further expand this checklist. We have published the checklist on Github in order promote feedback and collaboration. The checklist can be found at the following Github page: 

The whitepaper expands on the research delivered at Blackhat USA 2014. It provides additional background on the architecture of MAM solutions, delves into vulnerability patterns, and provides recommendations for designing and implementing MAM solutions securely. The whitepaper can be downloaded using the following link: